4 Days left to make a difference

There are only 4 days left of voter registration, and we need to let Arpaio know that we are not stopping until we have the power to defeat him! This means registering the people in our community to vote.

Volunteer to say Adios ArpaioJoin us today to say ‘Adios Arpaio’ by registering your neighbors, friends and family to vote.

Our young people are leading the way.  Promise Arizona in Action (PAZ) has over 100 volunteers registering voters on the streets every day. Junnyor Martinez, a 16-year-old aspiring pediatrician who attends Sunnyslope High School in Phoenix, is just one example. Last year, his brother was detained for two months because he is undocumented and was driving without a license.  “Those were the hardest two months of my life,” he said, “and motivated me to join Promise Arizona in Action.”

But we are less than a week from the voter registration deadline and Junnyor can’t do it alone. With so little time left, we need everyone to come out to register voters at least once before Oct. 9th.

“I want to be the change that I want to see, and it’s going to happen,” Junnyor said. “I want justice for everybody, and I want to help organize our community to elect politicians who truly represent us.”

We believe that Junnyor and others like him will transform our state from an outpost of fear and hatred to a beacon of hope for all families in the future.

Hope to see you at our Latino Vote Fiesta at AZ’s State Capitol on Oct. 9th and read the recent Arizona Capitol Times article profiling our work.

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Thank you
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Hardest 2 months of my life--Junnyor describing his brothers detention. 4 days left 2 get #Justice4AZ #P2 @adiosarpaio http://t.co/pXxQo717
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