Enabling others to achieve common purpose in the face of uncertainty, Beatriz

This afternoon, the enthusiasm of PAZ in Action volunteers was obvious. We had a great volunteer turnout, all thanks to Beatriz. We're driving, and she's navigating, excited about what the possibility of today brings.

Beatriz’s canvassing routine starts out a lot more hectic than others. Her turf targets the large amount of potential Hispanic voters in Mesa.  Every afternoon she awaits her team and makes the freeway commute from Phoenix. Long canvass shifts, usually means late nights at work.

That doesn't stop any volunteers for giving their share back to the community.

This year, Beatriz hopes to continue the past success of Promise Arizona in Action in the Russell Pearce recall. After dropping off all of her volunteers at their areas, I join her on the afternoon’s round of canvassing. She does not hesitate to try to register any person walking by, or knocking on a door after roaming through an apartment complex.

A man comes to his door claiming to be registered already, but she makes an effort to engage him in our cause. So far, a positive response. 

We keep hitting doors, but no one is answering. I start second guessing the success of our canvass today, and Beatriz scoffs.

It’s always like that,” she said. “You have to keep knocking on more doors.”

I smile, and take her word for it. As I continue to observe her, I notice that she makes it a point to continue conversations with people, even if they don’t seem interested. Beatriz makes it look like small talk, and it looks so easy.

As I get a few registrations of my own, I am convinced that our strength doesn't just lie in numbers, but in that one moment at the door of a potential volunteer, and our ability to engage him. That is what makes all the difference.

Just like she said, Beatriz proves me wrong by the end the shift. Her group gets the voter registrations, and I am confident that this is only the beginning of our success.

If you want to join Beatriz and other organizers register voters in your neighborhood, join us now.

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