Happy Election Day

Happy Election Day! We'll be driving to a street near you! See you at the polls!

Any last second questions? Need help with your ballot? Want to volunteer?
Call (602) 910-2527

Happy Election Day! We'll be driving to a street near you! See you at the polls!  And yes. That is our Virgin-Mary-Vote-Float.
And yes. That is our Virgin-Mary-Vote-Float.
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Monsters in Our Community

We all know who the real monsters in our community are!
And we have the power to stop them.
There're 6 days left to vote them out.

Come trick or vote with us

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'Trick or Vote' Halloween 2012

Monday night 50 of our volunteers had an event where we decorated pumpkins for Halloween.

“I’m in a Halloween costume, but the voters know that the real monster in our community is Arpaio." Ricardo

Like many others in our community, we will be knocking on our neighbors doors, but we will be asking for votes instead of candy.

Come 'Trick or Vote' with us today at 4pm

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Advocacy groups looking to early ballots to boost Latino votes | Arizona Capitol Times

Ignacio Menchaca, a 66-year-old truck driver, who registered to vote on Tuesday said he’ll cast an early ballot because it’s less of a hassle than going to the polls. (Cronkite News Service Photo by Natasha Khan)

Groups out to boost voting by Latinos in Arizona are combining classic get-out-the-vote tactics with a push for casting early ballots.

“We are definitely stressing people to register for the early ballot because that increases their chances of coming out,” said Dulce Matuz, president of the Arizona Dream Act Coalition, a youth-led group that fights for educational and immigrant rights.

It’s part of larger efforts that groups say have registered the most Latinos voters ever in Arizona. Leaders say they hope to tap into dissatisfaction over Arizona’s restrictive laws on illegal immigration.

With Arizona’s registration deadline falling Tuesday, the next step in addressing traditionally low voter turnout among Latinos, leaders say, is getting people to cast ballots.

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