Register in September, make it count in November

NVRD.jpgPromise Arizona in Action is proud to join more than 700 groups in all 50 states working online and on the ground for National Voter Registration Day. We have submitted more than 12,000 voter registrations this year alone, and we aren't stopping until the last seconds of October 9th.

September 25th has become a new holiday, tens of thousands of voters will celebrate the inauguration of NVRD in a massive effort to register voters in all 50 states before Election Day. The theme for National Voter Registration Day is simple: Register in September, make it count in November.

Need to register to vote? Contact us or visit our online voter registration page.

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Arpaio doesn't want you to know this

Sheriff Arpaio doesn’t want people like me or other Latinos in Maricopa County to know how important it is that we register and vote. He knows if we do, his career will be over and he will have to take his final ride off into the sunset.

Unfortunately for him, we have registered over 11,000 voters already!  But we need to register 9,000 more before the registration deadline on Tuesday, October 9th. This is going to be a close race and the voters that we register will make the difference between four more years of fear and corruption and saying Adios Arpaio.

Volunteer with us in the next 3 weeks and help us say Adios Arpaio in November.

Joel, volunteer with Promise Arizona in Action“Hitting over 11,000 voter registrations means that my nephew may get to live his life with his dad here in the United States,” said Joel, a team leader with Promise AZ in Action. “It also means that the sacrifice that I made, volunteering all summer in the heat, was for a good reason.” 

We need more volunteers like Joel! Sign up now to register your share of the next 9,000 voters.

Paul Penzone, who is running against Sheriff Arpaio, only trails him by 6% in the polls. Join us now to register the voters who will carry Sheriff Penzone to victory.

~Petra Falcón

P.S.: If you live outside of Maricopa County, you can still help end Sheriff Arpaio's ride. Contact me and you can stay on my couch for a weekend.


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We are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by highlighting the commitment and the contributions of our great volunteers. From September 15th to October 15th, the United States celebrates the contributions of the Hispanic community and we want to be a part of this important month through the campaign “Meet our leaders:  The faces of our movement”.

We want to present young Hispanic leaders who are proud of their roots and commit themselves every day to making a difference in their communities.  This week we want to introduce you to Laura García.

Laura-Garcia.jpgLaura was born in Nogales, Sonora, México, 17 years ago and arrived in the United States at the age of 12 years old.   She didn’t speak English and had to learn the language and the culture, but in less than a year she was recognized as one of the fastest English learners in her class. She is currently a senior at North High School.

She gets good grades and has exceeded the expectations of her teachers, her family, and even herself. But her family situation and her passion to make a difference motivated her to get involved in our movement to bring justice to immigrant families. She is proud of being Hispanic but she also loves her new country and wants to make a positive contribution to improving it. 

 That´s why she began volunteering for Promise Arizona in Action last summer and has dedicated countless hours helping to register new Latino voters.

“When I started volunteering with Promise Arizona in Action it made me feel like I counted, even though I cannot vote right now.  Every time I get someone else to register, it makes me feel like I'm doing something for my community,” Laura said.

Laura is an example of dedication, perseverance, and hard work. She spends hours giving back to her community and that’s why she is our leader of the week.


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Enabling others to achieve common purpose in the face of uncertainty, Beatriz

This afternoon, the enthusiasm of PAZ in Action volunteers was obvious. We had a great volunteer turnout, all thanks to Beatriz. We're driving, and she's navigating, excited about what the possibility of today brings.

Beatriz’s canvassing routine starts out a lot more hectic than others. Her turf targets the large amount of potential Hispanic voters in Mesa.  Every afternoon she awaits her team and makes the freeway commute from Phoenix. Long canvass shifts, usually means late nights at work.

That doesn't stop any volunteers for giving their share back to the community.

This year, Beatriz hopes to continue the past success of Promise Arizona in Action in the Russell Pearce recall. After dropping off all of her volunteers at their areas, I join her on the afternoon’s round of canvassing. She does not hesitate to try to register any person walking by, or knocking on a door after roaming through an apartment complex.

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