AZ Central: Hispanics will change Arizona's voting patterns

When will Latinos finally flex their muscle at the ballot box?

That question is asked in virtually every election cycle and usually is quickly followed by the declaration, "This will be the year" -- and then followed by an underwhelming voter turnout among Latinos.

Predictably, we're hearing the same question during the 2012 election season, but this time, the same answer carries a bit more confidence for a good many reasons:

SB 1070 has been a galvanizing force for the Latino community, which largely views such anti-immigration measures and resulting rhetoric as also being anti-Latino.

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The only thing between my Tio Will and his vote

This weekend, I got a call from my Tio Will – he asked for help filling out his early voting ballot. He was eager to vote but had no idea how to properly fill out the paperwork. He told me that one of our volunteers, Yolanda, had visited him during a canvassing session and inspired him to get involved. She told him why being a part of this campaign was so important to her, and why she believed that it was so important to elect people that represented her and her community’s values. For Tio Will, filling out the ballot was the only thing between him and his vote.

Over the past few months, we’ve led voter registration drives, held voter education sessions and talked to as many people as we can about why it's so important to show up on Election Day. We’re knocking on doors, calling our friends and family and talking to members in our community about why getting involved is critical to this election. But getting out the word isn’t enough – we need to make sure we’re providing support at all levels.

Take the first step -- Sign up to Volunteer!

I organize because I believe in lifting barriers and creating access for everyone in the community – helping folks like my Tio Will become an active participant in the voting process is just one step towards making our community stronger.

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Michael Nazario being interviewed by ABC15 about Deferred Action

“This is such a good opportunity for us DREAMers. It will open so many doors and give us a chance to prove to our country that we are here to do good,” said Michael Nazario, Regional Field Director, Promise Arizona in Action

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Join Us! Video on June 25, SB1070 Decision

On June 25th the Supreme Court struck down most provisions of SB 1070. Questions remain on how the community will be affected by the “papers, please” policy upheld by the Supreme Court.

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