My View: A great day for DREAMers

The sunlight creeps through the Downtown LA apartment blinds. It's 6:00 AM sharp and I don't want to get up, yet I have to.

DREAM Summer is hosting an action today at a Federal Buiding. DREAMers are going to send a message to the Obama Administration- a message of determination, fearlessness, and of hope. Hope that Barack Obama will win the presidency, the hope of the American DREAM.

It's 6:15 AM and I got the message. By the screams in the room I know that every DREAMer on my floor got it. Stillness rests after moments of jubilation. Has President Obama kept up on his DREAM Act Promise? Will I be able to join the military now? Will I be able to fullfill the dreams of Michoacano immigrants who crossed the border in 1995, with only the clothes on their back, with only dreams to fill their empty stomachs? Only time will tell now, but the sensation I feel can not be written down, or told; only felt.

You have to be a DREAMer to understand.

This is only the begining, we must continue the fight until the promise of CIR is fulfilled. Until then, our work is in its inception. So please take action by joining our movement and learning how to fight back and create lasting change in Arizona.

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Victory in progress for DREAMers

I am not a DREAMer, but I can feel the hope of those in my community. 

Today is a celebration of President Obama's decision to halt deportations for Dreamers all over the nation. For years, activists have been kept on their toes waiting for a decision to be made, and today's turnout has marked a step in the right direction.

Though the decision is only temporary, it brings relief to the undocumented students living in Arizona. This decision only emphasizes our efforts to remove Sheriff Arpaio from office, who has been a major figure in supporting SB1070. Even though deporations have been halted, getting our votes out and going to the polls must continue for the better of our community.

Join the movement today

"If this means Jose can become an engineer, Mike can join the Marines, Ruth can become a nurse, Maxima can become a fashion designer, Alicia can become a translator, Jose Luis can be a social worker and everyone else can pursue their dreams, then today was a good day." -Evan


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