My View: A great day for DREAMers

The sunlight creeps through the Downtown LA apartment blinds. It's 6:00 AM sharp and I don't want to get up, yet I have to.

DREAM Summer is hosting an action today at a Federal Buiding. DREAMers are going to send a message to the Obama Administration- a message of determination, fearlessness, and of hope. Hope that Barack Obama will win the presidency, the hope of the American DREAM.

It's 6:15 AM and I got the message. By the screams in the room I know that every DREAMer on my floor got it. Stillness rests after moments of jubilation. Has President Obama kept up on his DREAM Act Promise? Will I be able to join the military now? Will I be able to fullfill the dreams of Michoacano immigrants who crossed the border in 1995, with only the clothes on their back, with only dreams to fill their empty stomachs? Only time will tell now, but the sensation I feel can not be written down, or told; only felt.

You have to be a DREAMer to understand.

This is only the begining, we must continue the fight until the promise of CIR is fulfilled. Until then, our work is in its inception. So please take action by joining our movement and learning how to fight back and create lasting change in Arizona.

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Thank you
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This morning as I was reading what Michael wrote and while I was meditating on that and this is what I have to say to all the Dreamers’ “God has seen what you all have gone trough and He will do the same he did in the Book of Exodus to the people of Israel; he will give you the victory, He will make you pass through the waters like He did to them and you will not be drown because he is opening the sea of opportunity for you all, this is your time, in the darkest hour is when God sees you and in the name of the Lord you will soon have freedom, the victory will be yours at the end.
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