Petra disappointed that the “papers please” component of SB 1070 has become reality in AZ

With the upholding and implementationn of the “show me your papers” section of SB 1070, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton has allowed this segment to become a reality for our community.

Executive Director of Promise Arizona in Action, Petra Falcon said this will not only lead to racial profiling and the division of hardworking families, but will also add to the costs of the economy and taxpayers during future court cases.

“This fight is not over,” Falcon said. “We will continue to organize our community, teach people their rights, and support the inevitable future court challenges. Arizonans are ready to move on, and focus on the real issues that confront all residents of our state.”

Make sure you make a difference and take action. Register to vote and turn out on Election Day. Also, make sure to call and report if you have been racially profiled. If you believe you were detained because of your race, the color of your skin or your accent, call 1855-RESPETO (1855-737-7386). Racial profiling is illegal and you are protected from being racially profiled by the U.S. Constitution.

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