Pledge to Stand with Immigrant Families: Demand Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Ever since my Grandfather who was raising me and my brother got deported, our lives have not been the same. I want my Grandfather back. And no family should have to go through what my family is going through. So since spring, I spent every afternoon and weekend volunteering with my 13-year-old brother Luis. We walked door to door all summer in the heat, and worked hard all these months to get our community registered and out to vote.

I can’t believe we are all still waiting to find out which candidates won in Arizona.

But I already know who the real winners are. It’s us.

What Luis and I worked so hard for feels really close now. Because we voted, our community has the power now to win real immigration reform.

I got started volunteering because of my grandfather was taken away from us. He worked so hard to raise my brother and me. All he was doing was supporting our family. I don’t want other families to have to go through what my family is still going through. So even though I am only 15 years old, I know I can fight. I fight for him - and for all the families in Arizona, and across the country.

Please sign this pledge to stand with me and all immigrant families to demand comprehensive immigration reform.

I hope you can join me and my brother in what we need to do next.

: )

Jaquelyn, Age 15 
Promise Arizona in Action

YES! I will pledge to stand withJaquelyn, and immigrant families to demand comprehensive immigration reform.

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signed 2012-11-16 19:48:59 -0700
Good to march with you on Thurs Nov 16., if only for a few turns. Good to see Petra and Rosa. I’ll be cutting my work hours in half soon and then perhaps I can work with you again.
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It is time to stop the suffering of so many families whose members are a mixture of American citizens and undocumented people. This situation is much more complex than the simplistic, hate-filled sound bites that we are offered for political gain. I have lived in Arizona for most of my life and remember a time when crossing the border was simple and easy and the immigrant work force was welcome. Our national policies are partly to blame for the poverty and desperation that people experience in Mexico and other places in the world. Its time we took responsibility for that instead of trying to enforce draconian measures under the pretense that the U.S. has nothing to do with the influx of economic refugees. People who have been welcome here for years, have worked hard, paid into payroll taxes and sales taxes, are suddenly being separated from their families and sent back to Mexico where they have not lived for many, many years. Stop tearing families apart. It might sound good to require that people learn English, but such a policy will discriminate against women immigrants—a much larger percentage of them are home makers and have much less opportunity to learn and practice a new language. There are so many proposals that are based on political motives to ‘sound tough’ on illegal immigrants—easy targets, but that show no real understanding of the complexity of this situation.
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Its time to have a solution for are parents. We need a reform now
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The separation of families is cruel and inhuman. Stop the deportation of people who have come here to work and have not violated any laws.
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