October 18, 2012
Contact: Ahlam Said

Community Leader Responds to Critical Errors on Voting Info by County Recorder’s Office

Phoenix, AZ – The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office recently made mistakes in misinforming some voters about the date of Election Day this year, and about the legality of having volunteers deliver ballots to the Recorder’s Office. The following is a statement by Petra Falcon, Executive Director of Promise Arizona and Promise AZ in Action:

“This is turning out to be the most important and exciting election for the Latino and immigrant community in the history of Arizona. Our organizers and volunteers registered 34,327 new voters in the past 6 months. Our volunteers are out every single day across Maricopa County, knocking on hundreds of doors, informing new voters that Election Day is Tuesday November 6th.”

“In some instances, our volunteers assist voters in need by picking up and hand-delivering completed ballots to the County Recorders Office, and in all instances our volunteers comply with the law.”

“It is beginning to feel like everyone in our community is coming out to vote this year. Being a concerned citizen in Arizona means you have an obligation to vote to put an end to the politics of division and fear that has hurt the reputation of our state and County.

“This Election Day, November 6th is an opportunity for young adults, mothers, fathers, and grandparents – everyone - to join together for all of Maricopa County’s families. Only as voters can we demonstrate why we cherish our democracy.”

“As voters hand us their ballots, or prepare to vote in person on November 6th, we need the County Recorder to be more careful, and stop making mistakes and ensure that every vote is counted. We look forward to meeting with and working with the County Recorder’s Office, to make sure this important election goes smoothly.”


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