October 23, 2012
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County Recorder Responds to Promise Arizona in Action, Clarifying Mistake about Ballots

Volunteers picking up ballots for delivery to the County Recorder is perfectly legal

Phoenix, AZ –Today, Promise Arizona in Action received a letter from County Recorder Helen Purcell claiming that she was misquoted in a recent report charging that anyone in possession of another person’s ballot was committing a felony.

“The mere possession of someone else's ballot is not a class 5 felony,” clarified Purcell in the letter.  She added, “The important point is that they [CBS Channel 5 Oct 17th report] are incorrect - I did not state the mere possession of a ballot is a class 5 felony and I did not say to call the police if asked to deliver your ballot.”

“We appreciate the voter education efforts Promise Arizona in Action (PAZ) conducts in our communities, added Purcell, “including lawfully collecting and properly delivering  ballots of voters,  and  we do  not seek  to  deter those  efforts  in  any way.”

In addition, Purcell issued a formal public press release about the ballot misstatements and the recent “regrettable” mistakes on Spanish language election information.

“To that end, we will be launching a very aggressive Spanish language publicity campaign to make sure everyone knows that the election will be held on Tuesday, November 6. Martes, 6de noviembre. “

Petra Falcon, Executive Director of Promise Arizona in Action, and an army of volunteers in the Adios Arpaio campaign, have recently helped to register over 34,000 new voters, one of the largest voter registration drives in the state’s history.

“We appreciate that Ms. Purcell has done what we’ve asked her to do:  to publicly state the legality of the work that our volunteers do in collecting and delivering ballots, and to ensure that our community has access to correct election information.”

“Our new voters are very excited about participating in their first election,” she continued.  “We look forward to working with the Recorder’s Office to ensure that the Spanish language publicity campaign is fully executed.”

Falcon recently met with Purcell and other county officials and demanded that she set the record straight regarding the legality of having volunteers deliver ballots to the Recorder’s office. The organization also collected over 471 signatures in an online petition with the same demand.

For further information, or interviews with Petra Falcon, please contact:

Dora Luna (602635-6892  dora@promiseazaction.org



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