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Posted: 10/09/2012 By: Tim Vetscher

PHOENIX, AZ - If you haven't signed up to vote yet, time's running out.

The deadline to register for next month's election is 11:59 Tuesday night.

Promise Arizona in Action is holding a last minute voter registration drive at Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza for procrastinators who still want to cast a ballot in November's general election. 


Among the people who signed up to vote Tuesday was 38-year-old Devon DeYoung.

"I figured the sheriff we have today is too out of touch with the youth in our community," said DeYoung. "That's the impression I get from Sheriff Arpaio."

Promise Arizona in Action not only helped DeYoung sign up to vote, but thousands more like him.

Organizers hope elected officials will take note.

"We're already seeing a shift in the rhetoric that candidates are using to describe the issues that are near and dear to our hearts," said Grecia Lima with Promise Arizona in Action.

The group doesn't support any one candidate except in the race for Maricopa County Sheriff.

They choose Paul Penzone over Mike Stauffer and Joe Arpaio.

"We want to make sure people know he's a viable candidate and we think he will do a much better job than our current sheriff," said Lima.

Arpaio's campaign released the following statement to ABC15:

Being involved in the political process is a right afforded to all citizens. We’re confident that as these newly registered voters learn more about the candidates in the race, they will choose to vote for Sheriff Joe Arpaio because he has served the people of Maricopa County well for the last 20 years.


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