Arizona - It Ain't Over till the Counting's Done - Waiting on updated totals AZ-02

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Almost 500,000 votes statewide remain uncounted.

Some say that AZ-02 (Barber vs McSally) is a done deal with Barber down by about .5 % (1300 votes or so). (update - as of 8:45 PM 11/7 Barber is down about 400 votes)

Likewise other close state races...

It ain't over till its over. Arizona had an unprecedented number of Provisional and Early Ballots this year. Early ballots dropped off at the polling places and Provisional ballots are being counted right now- How many? The AZ star reports:

In Pima County:
At least 10,000 according to this AZ daily star article:

A more recent article indicates 80,000 or more  votes could still be counted:

According to the Tucson Weekly

There are an estimated 80,000 votes left to count in Pima County, according to Elections Director Brad Nelson.
54,000 of Pima County’s outstanding ballots are early ballots ...26,000 are provisional ballots that were cast because people arrived at their polling places but they ran into some kind of SNAFU.
How likely are those provisionals to count?
in the August primary, 92 percent of the provisional ballots were counted toward final election results
That gives somewhere around 78,000 votes still not counted in pima county.


But not just here in baja... In Maricopa County, things were FUBAR, with indications that possibly as many as 400,000 ballots have still not been counted

Voters across the Valley encountered a series of problems when they tried to cast their ballots on Tuesday at their polling places.

Many complained about long waits for provisional ballots, which are given to those who don’t show up on the poll roster or fail to produce proper identification.


Petra Falcon, executive director of Promise Arizona, said she was told that 200,000 provisional ballots were cast, as well as 200,000 early ballots. She said counting of those votes will not even begin until this morning and she feared the Maricopa County sheriff’s race would be called before then. And it was, with Sheriff Joe Arpaio beating Democrat Paul Penzone to win his sixth term in office.

“Four hundred thousand ballots — that’s a lot,” Falcon said. “Even if it’s an Arpaio win, those votes should be counted.”

Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell said polls ran out of provisional-ballot envelopes, not the actual ballots. She urged “a whole lot of patience.”

Purcell said. “From what we hear from precincts today, there were a number of provisionals. I’m thinking it will probably take us 10 to 12 days to finish up our process.


OOPS - I got this wrong - This is Pima County totals only....
Pima county elections now reports Barber Ahead  with 297,625 ballots counted in Pima county..
BARBER, RON (DEM)        97,883    51.27%   
MCSALLY, MARTHA (REP)        92,721    48.56%   

11:28 AM PT: Link to pima county elections results: totals:

Link to AZ state elections results:

Maricopa County Elections Results:

7:45 PM PT: New totals as of 8:30 PM show AZ-02 race extremely tight approximately a 400 vote difference!

MCSALLY, MARTHA (REP)        114,079    50.00%   

BARBER, RON (DEM)        113,653    49.82%   

WRITE-IN        405    0.18%   

Total        228,137       

Note that this total includes no provisionals so over 20k uncounted Pima County ballots should mean good news for Ron Barber
Choice                  Polling Place     Early Ballots     Provisional Ballots     Total     Percent
MCSALLY, MARTHA         45,595    68,484          0                 114,079    50.00%
BARBER, RON                 36,689    76,964          0                 113,653    49.82

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