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By Steve Krafft

PHOENIX - Counting the uncounted -- the day after, it's still not over.

At the Maricopa County Elections Department, there are boxes everywhere.  And in those boxes, thousands of uncounted early ballots and provisional ballots -- someone has registered, has a new address -- workers have to verify it to count it.

Workers have to sort through every ballot and verify the signatures and voter registration.  It's tedious work.

"We just can't take a ballot in and throw it in the machine," said Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell.  "It has to be processed, we have to make sure we've got a good signature, that everything else on the ballot is okay and it's been processed.  So that's what takes the time."

How much time?  

"Well, if we're looking at the numbers that I think we are, which is in the neighborhood..of about 100,000 that we picked up at the polling places -- on earlies..could be another 100,000 on provisional's, then we're talking about a processing time of at least 10 days," said Purcell.

The candidates in Congressional District 9 are putting a brave face on the situation.

"It is the story of my life, I tell you.  It truly is. Nothing has ever come easy," said Republican Vernon Parker.  "I have learned in my entire life to fight and to persevere and I will take that same disposition to Washington, D.C."

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, clinging to a narrow lead, put it this way on FOX 10 Arizona Morning, "You know, I think we're just going to keep waiting.  There's still quite a few provisional ballots out in Maricopa County..we're going to wait for those to come in."

Parker is saying much the same thing.

"I just cannot tell you we are very confident.  We are not  down by that much...we feel confident we are going to prevail," Parker said.

And wait they will..into next week.

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