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Posted: Oct 24, 2012 4:21 PM MSTUpdated: Oct 24, 2012 4:26 PM MST By Jason Barry


It's the kind of mistake you're not supposed to make.

Maricopa County election officials now admit that they messed up by mistakenly writing the wrong election date on Spanish language election materials.

Joel Juarez is a volunteer with Promise Arizona, a non-profit group devoted to getting out the vote in the Hispanic community.

Juarez said their group's effort took a setback when county officials sent out the election materials with the wrong date of next month's election.

"It created a lot of confusion," said Juarez. "I met with a lot of people that asked me, when is Election Day? They said they heard it was the 8th of November, not the 6th."

Some community action groups immediately accused government officials of trying to suppress the Hispanic vote, but Maricopa County recorder Helen Purcell said that couldn't be further from the truth.

Purcell's office released this statement:

"I wish I could say we never made a mistake in this office. But we do. However, the suggestion that this office would be a party to a dark conspiracy to depress voter turnout among any constituency or ethnic group is contrary to the history, the commitment and ideals of this office, my staff and my life's work. It is simply a malicious lie."

Promise Arizona director Petra falcon told CBS5 that she's spoken to county officials and was assured that steps are being taken to correct the mistake and make sure no one is confused about the date of next month's election.

"They contacted us this morning and told us they would be doing media buys on radio and TV and are going to develop a flyer that will circulate to churches and schools and community organizations," said Petra. "It is being done in the sense of justice, making sure the correct information is out there."

County officials would not give us any more details about their publicity campaign in Spanish communities.

A spokesperson for the county recorder's office said they will release specifics by the end of the week.

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