Show us your papers

Sadly, the “show me your papers” provision of SB 1070 has now become a reality in Arizona.  But the only papers that we will be showing right now are the over 14,000 voter registration forms we’ve collected from Latino voters who are fired up, and will change the future of our state.  Promise Arizona in Action is committed to registering thousands of new voters to stand up and speak out against laws like SB 1070 that hurt our communities.

canvassPic1.jpgPlease contribute $5 or $10 today to pay for food and gas for our volunteers so we can register 6,775 more voters before the voter registration deadline on October 9th.

While politicians like Jan Brewer, Russell Pearce, and Joe Arpaio have been preoccupied with passing and enforcing laws that are intended to trample on our human rights, Promise Arizona in Action has been steadily building the power of our community.  Since SB 1070 passed in 2010, Promise Arizona in Action and our sister organization, Promise Arizona, have registered over 30,000 new and motivated Latino voters.


Donate $5 or $10 dollars today to help us make history and finish the largest volunteer-driven Latino voter registration drive in the nation.

There are only 5 days left to register voters and we need to raise $5,000 more to reach the finish line.

Won’t you please contribute whatever you can today so that we may continue on our journey?

In peace, Petra Falcon

P.S.: If you cannot contribute, please volunteer and come to our Latino Vote Fiesta at the State Capitol on October 9th!

Promise Arizona in Action is a 501(c)(4) organization.  Accordingly, donations to this organization are not tax deductible.

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